Emanuele and Giada Venditti

Welcome! I wanted to greet you as we do each other: Peace of the Lord! Not an unstable peace, not even a fake peace but the peace that Jesus the Lord himself promised to his disciples (John 14:27).

It is the peace that comes from a renewed relationship with God, after having made Christ Jesus our personal Savior!

It is peace, the result of a new hope that God himself has placed in us and which faith makes certainty.

It is the peace that transformed our lives and that brought love not only to Him but also to those He Himself created.

It is that peace that makes the church a place of communion and refreshment, a clinic for broken lives, a response to the numerous spiritual and material needs of those who surround it, a light in the darkness of this world, a joy that does not depend at all on circumstances but is nourished and made firm by the numerous promises that we find in the word of God who has always honored them and continues to honor them.

This is the place we invite you to. If you don’t have this peace in your heart, if you think that your life is dissatisfied or destroyed, that there is no more hope, that only a miracle can get you out of where you are, here you will find an answer, because only Christ is the answer, and it is only Him that we live and preach.

Welcome among us and God bless you!

Emanuele and Giada Venditti