God’s dreams

Joseph had a dream and told it to his brothers; then they hated him more than ever. He (Joseph) said to them: Hear, please, the dream that I had… His brothers were envious

Genesis 37:5-6, 11

Joseph… we all know Joseph’s story, even a film was made about his life.

We read in the chapters of Genesis that Joseph in his young age was imprudent and naive in telling his brothers the dreams he had of him. In fact, this lack of “humility” led to painful consequences for Joseph: thrown into a cistern, sold as a slave by his brothers, ended up in a country like Egypt, a slave in the house of Potiphar, accused of violence, thrown into prison for several years… But the story doesn’t end there.

Joseph’s story highlights to us that people can suffer from injustice but the Lord always completes his work. In fact, after years of imprisonment, Joseph was called back to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. Nobody could give an interpretation, only Giuseppe. Joseph became the viceroy of Egypt, the most important man after Pharaoh, and it was that man who managed to forgive his brothers and save his family from a profound famine.

Joseph had a dream…

I heard a phrase in the last few days that struck me so much and made me reflect: WHO DREAMS STILL LIVES… We do not reject dreams and visions, because dreams and visions are sometimes means, instruments that God uses to make us understand things, and to point out important things to us.

Braccia alzate

The church of God is a people of dreamers and visionaries, we must have DREAMS, THOSE WHO DO NOT DREAM HAVE STOPPED LIVING, we must have spiritual visions and certainly, if they are from God they will come true in our lives, and they will be a blessing for us but also for others.

Probably at the beginning, we will have obstacles, we will have problems, opposition, we will have people who will not understand, just as Joseph’s brothers did not understand. But if God has placed a dream or vision in your heart, do not allow external voices to hinder you, but with faith and with God’s help move forward. There will probably be someone who will tell you or perhaps you have already heard phrases like this: “It is not the time to do this”, “Are you sure you understood correctly?”, “Is it really God’s will for your life or is it your feeling?”.

Sogna in grande, e Io andrò oltre

Like Joseph, I want to encourage you not to give up but keep believing… Keep moving forward and don’t allow any voice to discourage you, any voice to close that door to the dream or vision that God has given you. Maybe you won’t see that dream or vision come true in your life right away but keep believing, JUST HAVE FAITH!


Daniel IZZO