Women’s meeting

The Hesed women’s meeting was officially born in January 2020.

Incontro delle donne

“The purpose of the meeting is to build, strengthen, equip women to serve the Lord with excellence, promoting among us a great communion and exchange between sisters and friends and, at the same time, preparing women to be virtuous in their homes, families, churches and societies”,


  • contact the women of the church and community, to bring the love of Jesus to their lives
  • reach the female members of the church for the purpose of being edified and serving God
  • reach women who suffer, served by the social action of the church and their families
  • provide an environment of love, warmth, teaching and Christian experience
  • extend women’s vision to those who suffer around the world and to those who can fully assist
  • provide counseling, intercession and specific help for women’s various problems with children, addiction in the family, illness, etc.
Riunione delle donne


  • Coordination and planning of visits: instruct visit groups to contact women who decide and those reached by the social action of the church;
  • Special reports: Different topics for women’s reflection. The thematic meetings should be of interest to women, for example: personal fulfillment, My family for Christ, women and marriage, women and their profession, health, safety of a woman, etc…
  • Prayer Companions: Conducted periodically, with emphasis on the needs of women and their families
  • Weekly Bible studies every Wednesday
  • Counseling and Help – Form a counseling and intercession group, with the help of the church’s pastoral ministry, that can help women and guide them in their specific problems

The Hesed Staff of the Women’s Meeting