Multimedia Department

This is the multimedia department page! Our mission was born with the intention of offering an agile overview of the activities within the Church, using traditional channels, social networks, and the Web.
The ministry of communication is not simply a tool, but a meeting point, where you can build bonds and relationships, meet Jesus through people, and enrich your experience.
We announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19) through photographs, videos, the periodical magazine written by young people for young people; columns and games for children, Christian news and reports, and personal experiences of those who have been transformed by the encounter and love of Jesus and much more…
In short, communicating salvation to the world certainly fills the heart with joy, but there is much to do (Luke 10:2), we will always do our best for this job: to lead souls back to that place with the help of the Lord. such a deep, intimate, and indissoluble bond with God that must always be the firm foundation and essence of our life in Christ Jesus. And you, will you be one of us?

God bless us together.