Fiumicino Mission

Our History

The story begins from afar. Towards the end of the 1980s, meetings began to be held in homes. We prayed, read the Bible, and edified one another. The simple things that the church of Jesus has always done… then it happened that, in September 1997 there was a change of positions in the church of Ostia: brother Fulvio Tarabella left to be a pastor in the church of Cagliari, and in his place, Brother Flavio Di Vittorio was appointed to take care of the small group of believers in Fiumicino.

So we went forward, with the help of the Lord and various brothers (from the church of Ostia and others) until we arrived at the project of Pastor Emanuele Venditti, to open a place to continue our meetings in a more convenient way for everyone.


Thus we arrived at May 16, 2024, the day on which a service of thanksgiving to the Lord was held for the realization of this project. In fact, from that date, there is the possibility for all those who wish to come and visit us and join us to worship the one true Savior: Jesus Christ the King of kings.

Where we are

We are in via Ignazio Castro Giovanni 9 in Fiumicino. Whoever you are, you are welcome!

“Come, let us worship the Lord”…

Psalm 95, Verse 6