The King’s Friends

The Friends of the King is a group of young volunteers, animated by the desire to reach children and young people in the Acilia neighborhood and surrounding areas, to share the love of God with them and to transmit important moral and spiritual teachings to them, through the playful and of fun.

We operate mainly in public parks and gardens in the summer, and in the premises of the Hesed church throughout the year, carrying out educational and entertainment activities (games, songs, theatrical skits, lessons with objects, story telling, workshops, themed parties , summer centres).

In addition to the various programs and events, we also visit children and their families, with a view to developing relationships and taking care of their needs.

Inspired by the principle that “it is better to train children and young people than to rebuild men” and aware that many minors in our areas come from difficult environments and are at risk of deviance, we wish to offer the new generation hope and an alternative for growth, based on love and trust in God.

We believe that teaching little ones how to get closer to God is the best opportunity to put their lives on the right path.

The Staff of the King’s Friends